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Get to know the city you are vacationing at: Miami Beach History, Art Deco, True Crime & Scandals - hosted by a passionate local expert

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Before settling in Miami Beach, I had lived in Europe, but it wasn't until I arrived here that I truly felt at home with sun on my skin, salt in my hair, sand under my feet, and dream-like Art Deco in the background. Falling in love with this enchanting place, I became eager to share its charm with others. As I immersed myself in learning about Miami Beach, I started hosting tours and eventually became a member of Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL). It’s through my involvement with MDPL, that I had the privilege of learning from dedicated historians who generously passed down their vast knowledge to the next generation. Since then, my passion for Miami Beach and my enthusiasm for knowledge have never waned. It’s known as Magic City, so allow me to share a slice of that Magic with you.

Our tours are full of history, architecture knowledge, true crime, and scandals. Even if history is not your thing, you will be entertained by plentiful quirky facts, movie and film trivia, and true crime and scandal stories. My aim is to be honest and deliver true accounts of the past without filter, which unfortunately, cannot be said about majority of other tour guides. Let me take you outside of the tourist beaten path and get you familiar with the city you will be vacationing at.

It's fun, social, and you will leave the experience enlightened and entertained. And will have me as your Miami connection in the future.

Excellent, absolutely amazing, a must-do in Miami if you want to understand the history and culture of Miami and Miami Beach from its origins to the present time. Damian is a super host and a profound storyteller, the amount of effort that he has put into making this experience wholesome is commendable. I would recommend all this and all other experiences hosted by Damian. -Pallavi, September 2022
Riding through south beach gave me an adrenaline rush and tour host Damian made it a great experience. Damian’s attention to detail while discussing historical events and crime stories was fascinating and I took away a lot from the 3 hour experience. The tour was 100% worth it and I can’t wait to do it again the next time I’m in Miami Beach. -Anmol, July 2021
Great stories of Miami Beach. Damian's passion for history of Miami Beach is contagious. Easy going, knowledgeable, and well educated guy. I was by myself with him. We went swimming, had a beer, and spoke about life as well. You'll make a friend for life. -Valeria, August 2021

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