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Mac's Club Deuce: "You're Welcome, But Don't Act Stupid"

Named “Club Deuce” because of its address at 222 14th Street, the bar was eventually purchased in 1964 by a regular customer named Mac Klein who had been shot in World War II and moved to South Beach to recover in warm weather.

The neon lights inside were installed at the request of Miami Vice production crew, as they wanted to film a scene at the bar in 1989, the show’s last season's last episode called "Freefall". Original neon lights remain ever since.

Anthony Bourdain once said it was one of his 5 favorite bars in the world. The smoke-filled cash-only reasonably priced dive bar in the middle of Miami Beach's obnoxious flashy nightlife scene is a time capsule, The only thing that’s ever changed is the barstools.

They have biker mentality. If you act stupid, you will get 86'd. They occasionally scream at customers, and this has been going on for years. Regulars are allowed to be confrontational to visitors. If you act like a tourist, you may get scolded.

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